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RCHS is SUPER PROUD of our Cheerleaders!!! 

The primary purpose of the RCHS cheerleading program is to develop school pride and unity, to lead the student body in demonstrating spirit and support for the teams, coaches, and individuals who participate in athletic events, compete in a spirit of good sportsmanship, and represent RCHS in an upstanding manner.

Team members are some of the most visual representatives of our high school!

RCHS Cheer Volunteer Event:

RCHS Volunteer Cheer Event

Our Coaching staff includes:

Coach Donna Payne, Varsity Football/Basketball Cheer
Coach Vanessa Burch, JV Football Cheer
Coach Kendrallynn Edwards, Basketball Cheer

21-22 Varsity Football Cheerleaders

Bailey, Saniya

Ferguson, Alcher

Fletcher, Kiyana

Hunter, Kaylee

Jacques, Tiffany

Law-McKenzie, Kyra

Martin, Mikayla

Peters, Chloe

Ross, Ja’Nya

Searcy, Ariel

Shields, Kaitlyn

Smiley, Amiria

Smith-Sarter, Destiny

Taylor, Chloe

Witter, Maya


Varsity Football Cheer 2021

21-22 JV Football Cheerleaders

Aguilar, Gabriela

Allen, Talyah

Bell, Thea

Chance, Samiya

Glover, Toni

Gray, A’Zaylea

Hairston, Sierra

Jones, Morgan

Nelson, Simone

Parker, Nakhireya

Phillips, Tamiyah


Varsity Football Cheer 2021

Our cheerleaders demonstrate good leadership, overall great conduct and sportsmanship at school as well as away from school.   They are expected to be a positive influence on the school and athletic program.

JV Football Cheer 2021

JV Football Cheer 2021

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Cheer Program, Tryouts are held annually in March for ALL cheer squads, whether Varsity or Junior Varsity, Football or Basketball.  Applications and online PRIVIT information must be completed including a current physical as well as recommendations from your current teachers.  Applications are not available until the beginning of March.  Be sure to plan ahead!!! 😊


Varsity Basketball Cheer 2021

Varsity Basketball Cheer 2021

JV Basketball Cheer 2021                                            

JV Basketball Cheer 2021

RCHS Cheer Camp 2021

RCHS Cheer Camp 2021