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Welcome to the Rockdale County High School Title I Page
Parents, please check this page and the calendar periodically for updates regarding Title I.  

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Rockdale County Public Schools is committed to supporting parent and family engagement in our district. As part of this commitment, we allocate a minimum of 1% of our District Title IA funds specifically for activities related to parent and family involvement. We also ensure that no less than 90% of these funds are allocated to Title IA schoolsThese funds play a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the academic success of our scholars. We firmly believe that when parents and families are actively involved in their children's education, it leads to greater achievements. Your input and collaboration are invaluable to us as we strive to provide the best educational & social experiences for our scholars. If you have any recommendations or ideas on how we can further enhance our academic achievements, we encourage you to reach out to Annie Huff, our schools’ Parent Liaison. Ms. Huff can be contacted at [email protected]

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2024-2025 TITLE I REVISION MEETING TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2024 6PM - 7PM 1174 Bulldog circle Conyers, GA 30012 Topics: RCHS Parent & Family Engagement Plan RCHS School-Parent Compact RCHS School Plan District Parent & Family Engagement
Click here to view Dr. Denis' invitation to the revision meeting.

2024 – 2025 Title I Revision Surveys

Rockdale County High School



Parents and Families, your input and collaboration are extremely valuable to us as we strive to provide the best educational and social experiences for our students. If you have any comments on how we can further enhance our academic achievements, we encourage you to complete the following each of the surveys from the comfort of you own spaces.

 What is... Explained Please complete the online surveys.
Comprehensive Needs Assessment The initial year-long planning process starts with a thorough needs assessment. This assessment will identify the school's needs and guide the school in improving student achievement.  
District Policy The district policy utilizes a family engagement plan to achieve and sustain high levels of family involvement and foster positive attitudes towards education.
Rockdale District Parent & Family Engagement Policy
School Plan Rockdale County High School gets Title I, Part A funds to help students do better in school. They have to work together with parents to create a School Parent and Family Engagement Plan. This plan has to follow the rules in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The plan shows what the school expects from parents and families, and explains how they will do different activities together. This plan is included in the school's overall plan that they give to the local educational agency (LEA).
School-Parent Compact Rockdale County High School Title I, Part A students and their families recognize the School-Parent Compact as a shared commitment to improving academic performance. It outlines the joint efforts of parents, school staff, and students to support children in meeting State educational standards.  

Rockdale dads is a new initiative for Rockdale County High School. We are need 50 men to voulunteer their time to students for transformative change.

  •  Click here for our Parent's Right to Know letter.


Past Title I Events
Title I Meeting - Tuesday, September 5th - Click here to view the presentation.

Title I Documents
District Title I Policy
RCHS Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2023-24
RCHS School-Parent Compact 2023-24

Title I Set-Aside Funds
Rockdale County Public Schools is required to set aside at least 1% of the District Title IA allocation and distribute not less than 90% of those funds to Title IA schools for parent and family engagement activities. This money is used for parent and family involvement activities and to actively engage parents in the academic achievement of their children.