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RCHS Counselor Information

Counseling Team  Email
 Ms. Vanessa Burch
(Counseling Secretary)
 [email protected]
 Mrs. Jewell Jackson 
(First Time  9th Graders)
[email protected]

 Mrs. Donna Thompson
(10th-12th Grade, Last Names A-G) 
d[email protected]

 Dr. Francene Breakfield
(10th-12th Grade, Last Names H-O) 
[email protected] 
 Ms. Khalisha  Sabree
(10th-12th Grade, Last Names P-Z) 
[email protected] 
 Ms. Shelby Mays
(Social Worker) 
[email protected] 

Schedule Change Policy

Students and parents meet individually to determine courses for the following year. With the assistance of counselors, students have the opportunity to choose their own classes as well as alternate electives. Once the new school year begins, schedule changes will be made only for the following reasons:

  1. A student is placed in a course in error.
  2. A student fails a required course, making a schedule change necessary for graduation.
  3. Additional credit was earned during the summer, making a schedule adjustment necessary.
  4. A student is placed in a course and has not passed a pre-requisite course.
  5. A level change (moving from honors to regular) may be made only if the student has demonstrated an effort to do well in the class. (Participating in class, asking questions, attending tutorials) and with approval from the principal.

RCPS Graduation Requirements

Language Arts

1 unit 9th Grade Lit./Comp.
1 unit 10th Grade Lit/Comp.
1 unit American Lit./Comp.
1 unit 12th Grade Lit/Comp

AP or dual enrollment can be substituted.


1 unit Coordinate Algebra,
1 unit Analytic Geometry,
1 unit Advanced Algebra,
1 unit Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
or I unit CCGPS Pre-Calculus

Each required course may be satisfied by an accelerated, AP, or dual enrollment course equivalent.


1 unit Biology,
1 unit Physical Science or Physics,
1 unit Chemistry or Environmental Science,
1 unit any 4th Science

Any AP course or dual enrollment can be substituted.

Social Studies

1 unit Government,
1 unit World History,
1 unit U.S. History,
1 unit Economics

AP or dual enrollment can be substituted

Physical Education

1/2 unit Health
1/2 unit Personal Fitness



Fine Arts
Foreign Lang

3 Units - Pathway



4 units



24 units


Students planning to attend a college or university must take a minimum of two years of the same foreign language to meet admission requirements.

Georgia’s Pathways allow students to choose an area of interest in high school. Students will take classes for three years in their pathway. These classes will allow students to see the connection to career possibilities and what they are learning in the classroom.