Student Affairs

​Code of Conduct

A structured standard designed to encourage self-respecting behavior in students, as well as to encourage adherence to the Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) Behavior Code. Students are provided and taught this information at the beginning of the school year. In addition, parental forms acknowledging receipt and review of the Code of Conduct are sent home for signature.
RCPS Student Behavior Code

Prevention and Intervention

Prevention in the educational arena means impeding the occurrence of problems. Intervention, on the other hand, means to interrupt a problem and avoid continuing problems. By utilizing the expertise of the prevention and intervention specialists, program specialists, counselors, advisors, social workers, and other support personnel, factors that promote personal and academic success are enhanced We have developed and implemented several programs that have proven valuable to the process.

Project Fresh Start
A support system for students who have experienced behavioral and/or academic challenges in the past. Students are provided with the opportunity to receive individual and group level prevention/intervention strategies for successful learning.

Centralized Help and Opportunities for Individual Students to Capitalize on Educational Success (CHOICES)
A day alternative to out-of-school suspension programs in which students are provided with consequences for their violation of the code of conduct. In addition, students have a strong counseling and group-level intervention component to address challenges.

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT)

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