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Download the application HERE.

Criteria for Consideration for the 2017 Homecoming Court 

Please read the information carefully. Be sure you and your parent(s) or guardian(s) understand these rules and criteria, as we will not make exceptions for any student for any reason. To be considered for the court, each candidate must: 
 Have at least a 2.5 weighted GPA
 Have not had any discipline referrals since the January 1, 2017. (Tardy and      ID referrals not included.) 
 Have NO Out-of-School Suspensions since 1/01/2017
 Turn in ALL FORMS (see Application Checklist) 
If Elected… 
 You will be a representative of Rockdale County High School and must conduct yourself in a mature and appropriate way at all times
 You may be required to participate in community events (parades, etc.) and you must wear your crown and appropriate attire for such events.