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Greetings Bulldogs,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We are glad that you are joining us, as we embark on an exciting year of teaching and learning at Rockdale County High School. To the Class of 2024 welcome to the family. We look forward to seeing your academic and personal growth over the next 4 years.

Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we will be engaged in virtual teaching and learning this semester. Though this is not the typical means by which our students receive instruction, rest assured that we are committed to providing world class instruction daily, with the expectation that all students can succeed. We will be implementing initiatives to engage all our stakeholders and through our collective efforts we will be able to meet whatever challenges we will face and remain committed to excellence in all that we do.  We are excited about the opportunities that will be available this year to improve teaching and learning.

As the faculty and staff of RCHS are fine-tuning our practices to meet the demands of the virtual learning environment we realize that it will be important to engage our stakeholders more effectively. A dedicated virtual learning page has been added to our website to provide access to upcoming events, updates, useful information, and resources to support your efforts to be involved in the learning process in a virtual setting.

We enter this year aware of our current circumstance, and with a clear perspective on what is required to provide our students with a world class education. Last school year in an effort to emphasize the importance of all of our stakeholders in contributing to the success of our school our theme for the year was “We Are Rockdale.” The theme for this year is “We Are Committed to Excellence.” The changes in the manner in which instruction is delivered, and the necessary adjustments that will have to be made to make the experience successful will not cause us to lose focus on our expectations. We will continue to build the bonds of connectivity between all stakeholders and will remain committed to excellence in all that we do.  The Rockdale County High School family will commit to excellence and being a world class institution of teaching and learning.

I look forward to building relationships with all stakeholders throughout this year and encourage you to become active members of the Bulldogs family. It’s going to be an amazing year.


Dr. Eldridge Powell